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Your roof is your first line of defence against the elements that the NZ climate throws at us every day.

A re-roof allows any older roof to be removed from your building, recycled (or repurposed) and replaced with a smart new watertight roof covering.

The task of removing an existing roof covering to install new roof covering materials, is a process that requires knowledge, experience and a strong focus on site safety.

We have more than 22 years’ experience delivering this type of commercial and residential re-roofing across NZ.
Commercial & residential re-roof

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Howard and Michelle Pickett


Chippingdale, Manurewa
Insulated Polyurethane or PU panel is a roofing structure that is composed of three layers - two outer skins usually made of metal and polyurethane foam sandwiched between the two skins. 

In some designs this panel can also be used for wall cladding as it provides exceptional insulating properties. 

Our team can advise if this product is an option for your proposed project.
Insulated Panel Roof & Cladding

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Johnstone Construction Limited

NPD Manurewa

Manurewa, Auckland
An elite roof and wall cladding system offering elegance, style, design flexibility, and sustainability.

With the architectural world continuously searching for the very latest in cladding products, design, and inspiration.

Eurostyle is a revolutionary series of European inspired material that is manufactured using the very latest and advanced German technology.
Eurostyle Roofing & Cladding

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Naylor Love

Sylvia Park BTR

MT Wellington, Auckland
Sometimes your roof may not need full replacement and can be improved with some routine maintenance. Cleaning and regular maintenance can extend the life of most metal roofs considerably.

When repairs and restoration work is needed, we can give you an honest assessment of your existing roof, cladding, and spouting system.  This will help you prioritise where to best invest and prolong the life expectancy of your roof.

If repairs and maintenance are the solution for your roof, we have roofing teams with many years of experience in tracing leaks and finding cost effective repair methods suited to each roofing problem.
Repairs & maintenance

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Health and Safety

In the ever-evolving world of roofing in this country, Northland Roofs NZ places paramount importance on Health and Safety.

Given the challenging nature of the tasks our workers encounter each day, especially when operating at heights and facing variable weather conditions; robust health and safety measures are non-negotiable.  We invest in up-to-date equipment, provide comprehensive training, and instil a culture of responsibility, not only to mitigate the risk of accidents but also to boost productivity and job satisfaction among our team.

We are committed to cultivating a workplace culture that values both professional and personal well-being.  This commitment goes beyond constructing sturdy roofs; it extends to understanding and supporting the families that our workers return to each day.  Our dedication to Health and Safety is a promise to safeguard not just our people, but everyone who is impacted by the important work we do.